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Whether you know a little or a lot about Bankruptcy and how it works, sitting down with our Bankruptcy Attorney will put your mind at ease about the process. Our law firm has handled Bankruptcies for more than two decades, and helped many Oklahoma City and Tulsa residents to file bankruptcy and gain control of their finances.


We specialize in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases and encourage you to compare Bankruptcy Attorneys. Our knowledge and expertise in this area will be apparent, and you will leave our offices in a much better frame of mind than you were when you came in. We handle your bankruptcy from start to finish – and our attorneys know what they’re doing. We have a passion for representing consumers just like you.

Debt can ruin lives. Bankruptcy can save lives, and get people back on track for the future. Call our Bankruptcy Law Firm today for a FREE CONSULTATION. We’ll put together an action plan that is ideal for your personal, individual situation.

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