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In an ideal world, nobody would ever be injured on the job. But unfortunately, these injuries occur every day, in workplaces and on job sites around the country. If something has happened in the course of performing your job that caused illness or injury, and you have been terminated from your job, we are here to help.

Our Employment Discrimination Attorney understand all the ins and outs of a wrongful termination case. Termination after a work-related injury or illness is an injustice that should be vigorously pursued.

Employment Law

Our Employment Lawyers in Oklahoma City have the background in these cases that you want to see when pursuing a wrongful termination case. Our Employment Discrimination Attorneys also serve the Tulsa and Walters area. We have a strong track record of helping employees gain justice and no employer, however large, will stop us from uncovering every aspect of the case. All too often, employees tolerate unfair practices, mistreatment and unlawful activity on the part of their employer. Our Employment Lawyers Tulsa  will be dedicated to resolution of your case.

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