Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Taking Disciplinary Actions in Nursing Home Abuse Cases

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Families turn to nursing homes to give the elderly the care and attention they need, but an increasing number of cases come reporting different kinds of abuse. The abuses range from physical, sexual, verbal. And are on the rise. Reports often come of serious incidents that had either put residents… Read More

personal injury attorney oklahoma

Can I File A Personal Injury Lawsuit If I Have Suffered Serious Neck Injury?

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Suffering from a whiplash after a car accident is common grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, but making a claim for compensation can be a challenge. Finding a good personal injury lawyer Oklahoma before making your claim is one of the best ways to increase your chances of receiving what… Read More

On The Job Injury

What Happens When A State Lets Employers Opt Out Of Paying Workers Comp

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Every state in the U.S. requires companies to provide workers’ compensation to employees injured on the job — every state except Texas, that is. John Hernandez works at Swift Transportation — one of the largest trucking businesses in the U.S. When Hernandez was driving one of the company’s 18-wheelers in… Read More

SUMMARY OF COURT CHALLENGES – Cases and Issues Resolved Part-III

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19. Bober v Oklahoma State University, 2016 OK 78 Challenge: The constitutionality of 85A O.S. § 2(13)(c) which denies coverage for injuries that occur in parking lots or common areas ADJACENT to the employer’s business. Decision: In Bober, Justice Gurich, writing for a 6-3 majority, rejected the parking lot exception… Read More

SUMMARY OF COURT CHALLENGES – Cases and Issues Resolved Part-I

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TO TITLE 85A, THE ADMINISTRATIVE WORKERS’ COMPENSATION ACT Cases in Which Opinions Have Been Released for Publication or Issues Resolved: 1. Carlock v. Workers’ Compensation Commission, 2014 OK 29, Supreme Court No. 112,607 Challenge: Application for Original Jurisdiction to challenge seven provisions of 85A which gave the Workers’ Compensation Commission… Read More