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There are many attorneys in Oklahoma City but our firm gives every case the attention it deserves. You are not just another case in our office but rather someone we will treat like a family member. We will work tirelessly to pursue the benefits you are entitled to and we remain accessible throughout your case. Whether you have a car accident, social security disability claim, or workers compensation claim, we are here to help. People choose our law firm over others because we are extremely passionate about pursuing the rights of our clients – and about pursuing the maximum compensation possible under the law. We approach the case in a very personal manner. We talk to our clients, answer their questions and keep them updated throughout the legal process. Passion for Oklahoma City and the people who make it a great place to live.

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We’re also passionate about our town, Oklahoma City, and the people who make Oklahoma a great place to live. Naturally, we are keen to pursue the rights of our people. We will always answer any questions you have regarding your case and utilize our resources to obtain the best outcome possible for you.

In 2016, our firm was instrumental in helping undo a great injustice passed into law at the request of a few irresponsible employers. The Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down the Opt Out Act on September 13, 2016, as an unconstitutional special law. Dillard’s department store opted out of the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Act when it became lawful to do so on February 1, 2014. Subsequently, many injured workers were denied benefits that would have otherwise been due under the Workers’ Compensation Act. Employers were allowed to deny claims and if the employee sought an appeal the appeal was decided by Dillard’s much like the fox watching the hen house.

Though there are no guarantees, with the Burton Law Group, P.C., you can be confident that you have a capable and tenacious law firm at your side. We will devote our time, dedication, and all the resources necessary to pursue the best possible outcome for you.

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Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys – How to Find an Attorney to Take Your Case

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Nursing home abuse is a serious problem—and unfortunately, one that has become all too common.  A study done by the House Government Reform Committee (Special Investigations Division) revealed that a whopping 30% of nursing homes in the US have been cited for abuses.  That’s over 5,200 facilities, which means that thousands of elderly Americans are hurt every year in the facilities that are supposed to be responsible for giving proper care.

The rise in the number of negligence cases is attributed to the nation’s aging population.  Seniors who enter assisted living facilities sometimes experience injustices such as poor quality of care, mistreatment, physical or verbal abuse, and even financial abuse.  Our society’s elderly citizens are extremely vulnerable, especially when they are living in a facility away from home and family. They are often unable to defend themselves. It’s a grim picture and one that has to change. It’s our responsibility to vigilantly protect them.

If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse, it is time to talk to a lawyer.  Burton Law Group can provide you a nursing home neglect attorney.  We have been fighting to protect the rights of elderly victims of nursing homes for more than a decade.  We can help bring justice and compensation to victims of elder abuse.  Book a consultation today so you can meet a nursing home neglect lawyer and learn more about your options.

Your elderly parent or loved one has the right to be treated with respect, receive proper care, and be protected from abuse.  You need a skilled and experienced nursing home neglect attorney because it’s often difficult to prove what happens behind closed doors.  At Burton Law Group, we can provide you a nursing home neglect lawyer who has handled similar cases and has years of experience in proving neglect.

We are committed to fighting for the rights of our senior citizens.  If you want to know how these types of cases work, sit down for a consultation with us.  We are always happy to answer your questions.  Before meeting with you, our team will start research on the history of the facility in question to determine its past performance and record. This way, we can readily advise you on the best way to proceed when you arrive.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation.  Together we can find justice for your elderly loved one.

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