The Oklahoma City Law firm, Burton Law Group, P.C., was founded by the Late Lew Gravitt in 1992. Today, the firm is the people’s choice for personal injury attorneys, social security attorneys, and workers compensation attorneys. The firm serves all of Oklahoma and has offices in Oklahoma City, Walters, and Tulsa.

There are many attorneys in Oklahoma City but our firm gives every case the attention it deserves. You are not just another case in our office but rather someone we will treat like a family member. We will work tirelessly to pursue the benefits you are entitled to and we remain accessible throughout your case. Whether you have a car accident, social security disability claim, or workers compensation claim, we are here to help. People choose our law firm over others because we are extremely passionate about pursuing the rights of our clients – and about pursuing the maximum compensation possible under the law. We approach the case in a very personal manner. We talk to our clients, answer their questions and keep them updated throughout the legal process. Passion for Oklahoma City and the people who make it a great place to live.

Burton Law Group can provide services in a broad range of areas:

  • Auto Accidents
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  • Boat Accidents
  • Employment Law
  • On the Job Injuries
  • Social Security Disability
  • Wrongful Death

We’re also passionate about our town, Oklahoma City, and the people who make Oklahoma a great place to live. Naturally, we are keen to pursue the rights of our people. We will always answer any questions you have regarding your case and utilize our resources to obtain the best outcome possible for you.

In 2016, our firm was instrumental in helping undo a great injustice passed into law at the request of a few irresponsible employers. The Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down the Opt Out Act on September 13, 2016, as an unconstitutional special law. Dillard’s department store opted out of the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Act when it became lawful to do so on February 1, 2014. Subsequently, many injured workers were denied benefits that would have otherwise been due under the Workers’ Compensation Act. Employers were allowed to deny claims and if the employee sought an appeal the appeal was decided by Dillard’s much like the fox watching the hen house.

Though there are no guarantees, with the Burton Law Group, P.C., you can be confident that you have a capable and tenacious law firm at your side. We will devote our time, dedication, and all the resources necessary to pursue the best possible outcome for you.

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Product liability means holding someone responsible for damages caused by any part or all parts of any good or item. The defective/dangerous element, part or ingredient could have been added anywhere along the chain of manufacturing, distributing, or packaging a product. When someone is injured due to anything from a faulty part on a lawnmower to an unsafe ingredient in a medication, anyone involved in making and selling that product could be held liable. This includes the manufacturer of the components through those who handle the assembly of the good to those who distribute or sell the finished product.

Dangerous, defective product attorney that cause harm (in some cases even death) are the subjects of product liability lawsuits. In general, products are considered tangible objects but, more recently “products” have included “intangibles” such as gas, “naturals” such as pets, “real estate” such as a house, and “writing” such as navigational charts.

When a product liability case takes place, and the manufacturer and/or other entities are found to be responsible, they are required by the court to pay monetary damages to the victims. Sometimes, a recall is ordered. Many people remember the case of Goodyear tires that were prone to blowouts and caused accidents and deaths. All those tires had to be recalled. Even recently, Goodyear had to recall their Fortera tires – but some recalls, like this latest one, are initiated by the company, not a lawsuit judgment.

Product recall is a formal request made by those responsible for a potentially harmful product to return a product to the place of purchase, after learning that there is a reason to be concerned about product defects. The product could have characteristics that can negatively impact the safety of users and in effect, put the maker/seller at risk of legal action. Note that sometimes the defect is in the packaging or labeling. For example, a warning that a certain product cannot be used in a certain way, or cannot be combined with another product, needs to appear on the packaging or inserts. If warnings were not included and someone was killed or injured, a product liability case is justified.

The voluntary recall is a step taken by a corporation to limit their liability – realizing that they could be held accountable for negligence and incur legal expenses as well as having their reputation damaged. Sometimes, companies are aware of the potential danger or defect in a product, but they evaluate the potential level of harm to an end user and the likelihood of the harm occurring and make a financial decision whether to recall the product. One or two lawsuits that they settle might cost far less than a big recall. Recalls as a process are costly and so as you can imagine, companies avoid them. In some cases, they purposefully allow a dangerous product to remain on the market. This has happened with pharmaceuticals and automobiles many times in history. And this is why it is important to have personal injury attorneys who pursue these liability cases and hold these unethical businesses responsible.

The United States has consumer protection laws intended to offer specific requirements for the product recall process. They include how much money a firm may be required to bear in the recall process and penalties for failure to recall when public safety is at risk. To help keep us informed, the U.S. Federal Government dedicates a site ( listing the latest recalls of products from child safety, medicine, food, cosmetics and cars, to name a few. Automotive makers are amongst the biggest offenders with recent headlines featuring Toyota and General Motors LLC (GM).

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